Ooni Pizza Oven Buyers Guide

ooni Pizza oven guide

Ooni pizza ovens enable it simple to bake restaurant-quality pizzas at residence, but really how do you choose the right one for you? We shall look at Ooni pizza ovens in detail to see which one stood out the greatest and was the most deserving of your effort and cash.

Consider being able to bake your pizzas in under 1 min, right in your backyard. Now suppose those handmade pizzas are so delectable that your flavors believe you’re eating at a genuine pizzeria.

Ooni Pizza Ovens

When contrasted to certain other exterior pizza ovens, the Ooni offers a significant advantage. To begin, Ooni provides a wide range of fuels. Several other pizza oven companies only provide one fuel source for all of their variants. Wood pellets or kindling are used occasionally, although gas is used the majority of the time.

Ooni models are frequently more time and cost-effective than competing pizza oven models because they generate heat to 950 degree Fahrenheit in just 20 minutes. You’ll consume a lot greater fuel whether you have to warm your microwave for an hour, which renders heating the Ooni marginally pricier than other manufacturers.

The Ooni gas burner is an accessory that converts Ooni’s multi-fuel furnace into gas-powered furnaces. Most pizza oven brands lack components that allow the user to vary the fuel source used throughout the heating process.

However, Ooni pizza ovens typically lack a built-in thermostat, which is practically universal among pizza ovens at around this price point. The Ooni Pro and Karu pizza oven both contain a built-in thermostat, however, the other versions do not.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Oven


First of all and primarily, think about how you feel about the various designs on exhibit with all of these types. The outside shells of the Koda 12, Fyra 12, and Koda 16 are powder-coated heavy-duty, while the Pro 16 and Karu 12 are made of stainless steel.

While they all have a good shine to them and are very robust, the style differences might make a major impact in deciding which one is ideal for you.

Then there’s the matter of chimneys. They are present on the Karu 12, Pro 16, and Fyra 12, but not on the Koda 12 and 16. It is indeed up to decide whether you want an oven with one or not, but keep in mind that an oven makes it considerably more difficult to carry or cover a model.

Effortless Assembly

An additional reason to think about alternatives to chimneys? They’re a lot simpler to put together. Neither of the choices is difficult, but installing a chimney adds another piece to your puzzle and a substantial one at that.


We’ve discussed the sizes of these designs, so let’s take a different approach.

We frequently consider measured in terms of mobility, which is critical. Variations in size, on the other hand, can limit what you can prepare in the oven. A bigger oven will be required if you want to prepare bigger meals. The 16 Koda is a fantastic illustration of all of this in action. That is by far the largest oven on this listing, with the most internal cooking area.

That’s the pizza oven to have when you need to cook a lot of stuff each or when you require big pizzas. Few alternative ovens on the marketplace have the size, structure, and total capacity to handle larger quantities.

Aesthetics and Enclosure

The structural element of the dome is completed once it has been built and covered. To suit your environment, it now needs beauty. You might keep it basic by providing a seamless dome out of the outside and painting it with a traditional white, impermeable paint. Creating an enclosing all around domed, which may be bigger and have a roof, might be a further bespoke idea. Or something more unusual, like pebbles or crystal pieces on the outside.

What Is The Source Of Energy Of Ooni Pizza Ovens?

It is among the most crucial factors to consider since it can have a significant impact on the flavor of your pizza.

Pellets, Charcoal, and Wood

Charcoal and wood-fired pizzas are indeed known for their different flavors imparted by their respective sources of fuel. Such pizzas have a smokey richness to them that is difficult to duplicate. Nevertheless, there’s no doubting that they can make a sloppy mess, that’s not necessarily the situation with pellets.


Lastly, you should think about propane gasoline pizza ovens. Surprisingly, you might not have to decide at all. Certain pizza ovens, like the Karu 12 and Pro 16, can use different fuel sources, letting you choose if you desire to sacrifice the convenience of washing up after just a charcoal-flamed or wood-fired pizza for the smokey, toasted flavor.

We believe you find this post helpful in planning your Ooni shopping trip. Most significantly, it will assist you in determining whether the Ooni pizza oven is the greatest fit for you! 

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