How Do You Pick the Best Ooni Oven For You?

Ooni Pizza Ovens For You

When you enjoy pizza and make it at the house, I’m sure you’ve heard about the pizza ovens of Ooni that are getting the world by hurricane. The most significant expenditure you’ll spend whether you’re beginning pizzas is your pizzas oven.

Ooni’s external pizza oven has surprisingly been one of our faves, and we have never regretted acquiring it! In cooking pizza, getting a great oven is not optional, and when your crust is excellent but your oven isn’t, the odds of getting a sooked, irregularly baked, and generally unpleasant pizza are very great. Multi-fuel ovens, wood pellet ovens, and gas-powered ovens, and are just a few of the fantastic pizza models available from Ooni.

Selecting the Best Ooni Oven 

All Ooni variants are excellent, but you should get the device that best suits your needs. We chose the Ooni pro because of its versatility. We prefer having a lot of fuel types to choose from, and mobility wasn’t an issue for us, so we went with the biggest model.

Novice as well as those who do not want to invest a lot of money on an oven might consider the Ooni 3. It’s a wood-fired oven that requires little upkeep. While cooking for a large group, however, I strongly advise against purchasing an Ooni 3.

You could cover the Ooni Koda when you desire the smallest unit. However, because the device is gas-powered, you ought to be conscious that refilling the gas tank may be troublesome.

Electricity vs. Gas vs. Wood – Do you need comfort? This is everything you should think about when buying a pizza oven. Or do you prefer your dish to have a real wood-fired flavor? That would be the basis for your selection, and you’ll be able to select the fuel source for your pizza oven.

Warm-up time – Stainless pizza ovens warm up significantly more quickly than masonry pizza ovens. Bigger ovens may take longer to heat up. As a result, you’ll need to do some serious study on pizza ovens with faster overheat periods.

Indoors or outside – Because of their height and the energy they utilize, several pizza ovens are meant to be used outside. The ones that require power, such as those on the tabletop or cooktop, could be used inside, but they are often considerably lighter than those used outdoors. Determine where you’ve been preparing pizzas frequently and make your decision from there.

Wood Pellets – We’ve tried a variety of fuels for our oven, including wood chips, wood pellets, and charcoal. Our Ooni can also operate on gas, but we haven’t tested it because we would not have a gasoline connection outside and don’t want to cope with a fuel tank.

Jam Funnel – This can be used to store pellets that have been deposited on the upper edge of the hopper. That implies you may keep as many pellets as you desire, saving you time by eliminating the need to replenish every now and again.

Computer Fan – This fan, often known as a pc fan or a little fan, will be located behind the Ooni, pushing extra warmth onto the pebbles and pizzas. This is especially useful in windy conditions.

Maneuverability – The Ooni pizza ovens are both of excellent workmanship and design, but the reality that you could simply load these in your cars and transport them to a mate’s place, on a family vacation sets them apart.

Size – You would not want to bake a 15-inch pizza merely to discover that your pizza oven could only handle 13-inch or shorter pizzas. While buying, you’ll like to keep the size element in mind. It’s simple to overlook the dimensions of a pizza oven, so spend time thinking about them. If you only have a tiny terrace or nothing at all, an inside pizzas oven may be the best option. 

Best Ooni Oven Accessories 

In this section, you’ll learn about the finest Ooni accessories for your favorite oven.

Pizza Peel – Personally, I’m loving using my stainless pizza spatula to slip my pizzas in and out of my Ooni. Hardwood peels, on the other hand, are said to be less complicated because the batter is less prone to cling to them. However, because stainless steel is simple to wash.

Gloves that are resistant to heat – Larger gloves might be more difficult to maneuver securely, so finding gloves that fit properly is preferable. You could also employ them to supplement your fuel supply.


When you only bake pizza at residence once every couple of months, the Ooni pizza oven isn’t worth buying: employing a particular pizza oven necessitates skill and practice spent learning how to get through it, but when you don’t practice, you’ll ever be capable to appreciate this ooni oven to its full potential.

Author: Kristoph Lorene

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